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QUALIFICA 2016 | It’s now!
Mobilising more than thirty-one thousand young people, Qualifica incorporates a range of interests suited to the current reality of an education based society, where knowledge plays an important role. Starting with Education, Youth and Employability and taking in the new careers in the areas of technology, the arts and sports, we enable young people to get in touch with national and international academic offerings of high quality and to enjoy an experience that covers different professional directions, under one roof.

We allow teachers the unique chance to contact schools with different educational and pedagogical projects
and demystify the challenges of incorporating technology in the classroom and in the school curriculum. This raises their institutions to meet international education standards. In this edition we will feature new ways of teaching.

For four days Exponor will be a networking space, a place for meetings between teachers and students, between exhibitors and visitors, in a unique atmosphere that is informal to the extent of being fun.

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